Angie Melgar



I grew up under the Golden State sunshine with a 64-pack of crayons and a curiosity to examine the details. Nowadays I live in the South, but my passion for art and inquisitive nature never faded. My inability to embrace “y’all” in my vocabulary also remains strong.

Most days are spent sourcing my creative powers to transform good ideas into even better stories. I believe in doing things right the first time and captivating the Muggles with a visual spell. Between coffee breaks I let my imagination run wild about things like keyboard shortcuts and organized Photoshop layers.

You’ll find me constantly holding a pencil scribbling down illegible sketches, reminders to buy more cereal, and other such important matters. Otherwise I’m known for a taking a FitBit step challenge very seriously, over packing my suitcase with books and shoes, and whipping up a mean cookie. 

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